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The Timeline of Humans


Throughout time man has always pondered his existence.  Our history is filled with myth, story, and legend and interpreted according to those currently in power.  In modern times myth has given way to scientific method as we unravel the mysteries of the universe from our DNA to nature itself and the cosmos.
Our origins on this earth have plagued mankind's imagination for eons until translations of 6000 year old Sumerian texts emerged to give us new insights into our history.  Which give new meanings and parallels to our long held beliefs written in later ancient texts like the Talmud, and  the  Bible.
Our time has come to realize that we are not the pinnacle of civilization, and we are only now emerging into an era of enlightenment to face the facts of our genetically created origins. Most importantly that GOD had nothing to do with it, but the many lesser, gods were the true masterminds and manipulators of our misery here on Earth.
We must come to terms with the fact that there are no 'aliens'. WE ARE THE ALIENS. Created as a 'primitive worker' by astronauts from another planet and in their image, some 450,000 years ago. We have much of their DNA in our bodies and look pretty much the same because they used their DNA to create us.
450,000 years ago
Coming to Earth
There are several references to the fact that they used water as a source of propulsion. Perhaps using hydrogen in water, where it could be replenished from comets, even Mars, with great speeds, traveling in a matter of days or weeks. They mention in the text they had to slow the 'chariot' or it would perish in the friction of the atmosphere.

Eridu; Earth Base 1
- Enki mobilized a number of different teams to source water, build the station, examine food sources, plant and animal, boats for water travel. On the 7th day Enki speaks of having a day of rest. The opening words of the Bible take on a whole new meaning now.
They find gold and Alalu takes it back to Nibiru, do testing, but need more.
Enki establishes the mining operations in south AFrica, devises new tools and methods. but friction between the brothers erupts, since Enki wants to stay at Eridu and establish Edin

Transportation references notably used by Nibiruans were Celestial Ships, Rocket Ships and Sky Chambers. Celestial for interstellar travel, rocket ships short interplanetary trips and sky chambers to travel around the planet.
Space Command Post Nibru-ki or Nippur
Was protected by some beam technology, not unlike our US military would have. Also they had a knowledge based system there similar to our computing systems that contained all their knowledge called ME or "The Tablets of Destinies"

Creation of Adamu 353,000
In order to create a slave species they needed to  created a prototype to build upon. Enki suggested using the native species of homo erectus, that they had knowledge of genetics and cloning. The moral dilemma was they were not to create a new species on other planets, as it's afront to the 'all mighty GOD [caps].  Deliberating they stated that they had the knowledge, let's use it.
It took them a long time, many failures, bad results, while realizing they could only use a small portion of the Anunnaki 'essence to keep the new being primitive, ignorant, obedient, fearful and in its place. At first they only created males and deformities, they then impregnated an Annunaki donor and finally a being was born. It uttered the proper sounds, examined his limbs, ears, eyes, and found that everything was perfect. The Annunaki referred to the primitive worker as the "blackheaded ones" due to his black hair, dark skin as the Annunaki were fair.
It's widely accepted fact that the cradle of humankind originated in southern Africa and now we know also their skin and hair color. Now the confused state is we find ourselves as a species. That our maker was not GOD, but rather an advanced being with advanced knowledge pretty similar to our knowledge today.
Subservience of humans permeated across the Anunnaki ranks, many would become worshipped.
Enki adored his new creation 'Adamu' and wanted only the best for him. But now they had to multiply this baby to create a large workforce. To make a 'slave species' had begun. Out of several hundred Anunnaki females seven volunteers were found to become surrogate mothers to carry the new species to term.
They need to create a female for the earthling to procreate. They used Adamu's blood and DNA to create the 'admixture' for fertilization while Enki's spouse Ninki became the surrogate mother. The first female was born, it was healthy and her skin smooth, and color of the Annunaki. Even here theirs a differentiation in skin color between Adam and Eve. We simply cannot eradicate racism from the face of the world even today? Is it something so deeply seeded in our DNA that more evolution is required to overcome this 'race' clash. They went on to create another seven earthling females from the Anunnaki birth mothers which gave them seven males and seven females.
They created cages for them and allowed them to grow up together while observing them. But Adamu and Tai-Amat were to be excluded from the hard work of the other earthlings. They were the first ones and were to be protected for their DNA. Enki took them up to Edin to show them off to all the other Anunnaki. A simple dwelling was built for Adamu and Ti-Amat in Edin and they were allowed to roam freely in it while the Anunnaki came from far and wide to observe them.
There was a problem, the new species wsa unable to procreate. They had only 22 chromosomes which did not include the X and Y sex chromosomes. Enki had to do more genetic manipulation. This was written 4500 years ago by a scribe in Sumerian text. How on earth could they have had such detailed knowledge about genetics?.
Enki and Ninmah were  sedated in a dangerous procedure which included the ribs of the individuals, which was rewritten in the Bible in a variation. They extracted the essence and from now on all humans had 23 pairs of chromosomes.
Adamu and Ti-Amat were allowed to roam freely and Enki tried to teach some basics of intelligence. Enki's symbol was the entwined serpent, which is used today as the symbol for medical doctors. Enlil was furious about giving humans the ability to procreate and intelligence.  This is now where in the scriptures it points to genetic manipulations by the Anunnaki to stunt our DNA, causing us to die, become sick associated with an incomplete genome.  It's clear from other scripts that the early humans liver very long lives, unlike humans today, perhaps up to 50,000 years.
Enlil was angry and he proclaimed "Then let them be where they are needed..away from Edin, let them be expelled." This story is well known as the "Fall of Adam" in the Bible. A stern threat was extended to the human couple not to consort with the 'evil serpent'.  It turns out that the serpent was actually Enki, who was the maker, the 'creator' of humankind, who was personified as the devil by his brother Enlil, who became the 'god of fear and vengeance', who did everything in his power to oppress and control humans. He was very clear about the limits to which he would allow humans to develop.
In the Abzu, all the earthlings were procreating, including Adamu and Ti-Amat. They worked hard, withstood the heat and dust, worked for rations of food. Finally after 3600 years the Annunaki were relieved of the mines, and Nibiru's atmosphere was healing.  The Annunaki were also growing in numbers, by now they'd been on Earth 240,000 years.
It was like a communist society where all of them worked together for the collective benefit. The Earth was changing again, warming from the last Ice Age, now around 100,000 B.C. The rains were heavy, rivers gushing and volcanoes belching. At this time Nibiru was around the Sun and her gravity caused asteroids to come out of their orbit and collide with the inner planets; including Earth.
At this time Nibiru was around the Sun and her gravity caused asteroids to come out of their orbit and collide with the inner planets; including Earth.
Nibiru may have caused Mars the loss of atmosphere and a large part of its crust.
Marduk, 1st son of Enki was in charge at Mars way station, but it was becoming uninhabitable so "Bird City" at Sippar in the Edin on Earth was built to fly their ships directly to Nibiru from Earth.
Hard works continues in Edin and they needed help, help from the slave species.

 Ninurta flew down to southern Africa and captures slaves for starting a never-ending tradition of slavery from Africa, haunting modern man for millennia.
As time passes, the numbers of earthlings grows quickly, outnumbering the Anunnaki and food supplies dwindle. This was before domestication, growing of crops for storage, that would only be revealed after the Great Flood, many years later.
108,000 Enki impregnates two young earthling females, having a son and a daughter. Creating Homo sapiens sapiens called Adapa and Titi. "Civilized man I have brought forth..A new kind of Earthling from my seed has been created, in my image and after my likeness." Enki was the creator, but Enlil declared himself to be their god who manipulated humans to do exactly what he wanted. He never gave humankind the chance to evolve into a state of consciousness to understand the bigger picture of the universe. He put himself as creator of the universe and all things, but it was he who was the brutal one and it is he should be called the devil for making false representations of himself to an ignorant species.
Enki was the only one of the Anunnaki who consistently looked out for our best interests, who tried to give humans knowledge and intelligence in Edin, who taought us most of the skills we possess today, and the one who saved humans from the Great Flood when Enlil and the others agreed to let the water wipe out all humans from the Earth.
Enki taught Adapa and Titi all the skills of the Anunnaki, he raised them as Anunnaki, they were civilized and intelligent, he ordered the delivery of all kinds of seeds and domestic animals from Nibiru to learn farming.
Anu was so impressed with the new creation he ordered them to come to Nibiru; he wanted to bestow immortality on him but Enki had other thoughts. Creating a species is one thing but to create an immortal species was not in the cards.
Enki confessed to his sister and the medical curator about Adapa and Titi being his offspring, stressing they would ensure survival of the Anunnaki, relieve hardship. But his brother Enlil was furious.
Now throughout these Sumerian translations there's a strange mixture of spirituality, awareness, advanced technology yet the Anunnaki shoed visible signs of a species still on the path of evolution. Their genome perhaps was not as evolved. If evolution happens exponentially, then eventually we would have evolved to the same level of the Anunnaki, however; they may have evolved way beyond our present levels, which may have something to do with the many UFO's, abductions and visitations. They keep coming back to check up on their creation, either to steer us in the right or wrong direction?
A new Ice Age-begins.  Enki observes human only to discover they're regressing towards their wild origins; types of Man roam the Earth like Cro-Magnon man survive. He planned to create a civilized man out of them.
68,600 The Anunnaki leave Mars in great numbers.
55,000 Adapa dies at age 48,600
Marduk son of Enki marries a human, leaves Mars, and moves into Egypt where he would rule as Ra in the future.

47,000 BC mid Ice Age, northern hemisphere is iced but southern regions were habitable, as in Mesopotamia. Antarctica was more extensive and thick which would be the main casue of the Great Flood.  Ninmah, sister of Enki and Enlil wanted to teach humans how to heal, prevent sickness, as this was a new species with immune systems not adjusted to the bacteria and viruses of Earth at the time.
Enlil would have none of it, let the perish. They set up monitoring devices over Antarctica, first real evidence of the ending of the Ice Age. How could scribes 4500 years ago have known anything about the events which preceded the flood, unless told by someone who as there?
Nibiru was coming around the sun, and was going to cause havoc with Earth's gravity, effecting the polar regions where ice was already melting.
13000 BC
The Anunnaki start preparing for evacuation. Enlil makes it clear no one is to take their earthly spouses. Those who chose to stay were told to move to higher ground or wait in "Boats of Heaven" at the edge of earth's atmosphere.
Enlil revealed his master plan for the human race. "Let the earthlings for the abominations perish." But Enki disagreed strongly with his brother, a fierce argument erupted where Enlil accused Enki of playing GOD, blaming Enki for the abomination called humans. Enlil, called for everyone to take an oath not to help the humans and everyone did except Enki.  Enlil took the computer system ME and buried them in a protective chamber.  We were like pets, loved as you would a dog, but certainly not considered on their level.
11000 BC
Enki and his sister Ninmah went to the Abzu and collected all necessary specimens in order to recombine all the life forms they had created on Earth. The Sumerian texts are much more detailed with instructions for building the 'boat', how to seal it with pitch, one that can turn and tumble. The stored the DNA, sperm and ova for preservation.
The Great Flood was not caused by GOD in a moment of anger, rather a result of a cosmic event when the planet Nibiru came closer to Earth than normal. The Anunnaki abused this 'natural calaminty' to destroy their creation, their slave species called man.

10000 BC
Pyramids built to avoid possible future disasters like the floods and as an important beacon in guiding the Anunnaki pilots when coming in from space. They built Menkaure, the smallest pyramid as a model for the larger ones.  The pyramids were built long before the Pharoahs inherited them, they could withstand weapons, the smooth sides deflected them.
Built in the image with the face of the builder and body of a lion depicting the age it was build "the AGe of the Lion". The erosion was done when water was around and not wind.
Inanna, Enlil's granddaughter,marries Dumuzi Enki's youngest son. Jealousy abounds, Inanna is poisoned, brought back to life; Dumuzi dies; Inanna declares war against Marduk. Inanna demands lands of her own and is given the Indus Valley.  She was a sex goddess of love, coincidentally the sixty four arts of love-passion-pleasure originated in India. She loved poetry, another coincidence the ancient Vedic praises to the gods are in poetic form.

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